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Discovery Crime Deluxe

Tension and Suspense (Omnisphere 2)

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Product Overview

Discovery Crime Deluxe is the first release in the Discovery Series.

It features 125 new presets, 35 multis and 124 soundsources.

The sounds in the soundset are filled with suspense and tension, often with (subtle) pulses that can be added/removed via controllers. The inspiration comes from shows like The Bridge, Person of Interest, The Killing, The Americans, Bodyguard, Blacklist and many more.

In the presets there is an extensive use of the modwheel, aftertouch, pitchweel and CC2 to enhance the sounds. Often sounds start as a fairly basic sound, but with the use of various controllers you can add a lot of depth to your sound so that it can match your productions.

Omnisphere 2.5 + Keyscape are required!

The Discovery - Crime Deluxe contains 25 extra presets and 10 extra multis compared with the regular version. All the extra presets make use of the Keyscape soundsource library.

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