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Tape Drums
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Tape Drums

Live drums with character, style and authenticity


Product Overview

Ever feel your beats were missing the swing and feel of a live drummer?!  Well look no further, our latest collection of live drum samples are packed with character, style and authenticity.  Covering 3 unique styles including Lo-Fi, tape driven and full mix, you'll be sure to find the right sonic identity for whatever track you produce. 

Recorded in a true 60's style, these mono classic drum recordings have all the vintage flavour you'd expect and fit perfectly against a classic Rhodes line, under a lush Lo-Fi pad or as a compliment to your more stereo processed and programmed drum samples.  

Styles included: 

  • Tape Driven - Re-sampled from our in house tape machine, expect that extra low-mid bump and the renowned glueing effect that tape has with drum transients. 
  • Lo-Fi - A single 'smash mic' that delivers are true snare sound and lots of vibe.  Much lighter than the other options, these loops will work perfectly if you're going for that soul look or looking to re-sample and create your own classic breaks for DnB & Jungle. 
  • Full Mix -  Rich, warm and offering a full sound pre-tape.  Great balance and style.  

To compliment the 230+ loops we've also included 30 great one shots covering kick, snare, toms, ride and hats.  Inside this folder you'll also find a few live jams and fills for those cool jazz intro's or snare builds and rolls. 

So, if you're looking to add some live drums to the mix or get re-sampling with some royalty free breaks then this ones for you. 


  • Size: 523Mb
  • Loops: 234
  • One Shots: 30
  • Tempos: 85-125 Bpm
  • Styles - Hip-Hop, Soul & Live Drum Loops. Tape Driven & Lo-Fi options for that classic break feel.
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