Synth Waves
Synth Waves
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Touch Loops

Synth Waves

104 Loops - 95 One Shots

Product Overview

'Synth Waves' by Touch Loops offers up gated reverbs, VHS-driven analogue synths, tape hiss and fluttered lead lines. These are just the start in this epic collection of authentic samples created by the production genius that is WMD.

These iconic loops & samples guarantee to add colour and texture to any track they grace. It's undeniable - those slowly pitching lead lines are just so damn good!
From Boards of Canada to Vangelis, 80s film soundtracks to classic Arcade games, the iconic sounds of Synthwave evoke thoughts of nostalgia that just can't be ignored.  Think emotive Juno chord progressions, vintage 808, 909 and Linn drum samples, warm Moog bass lines, ethereal pad samples and so much more. 
If that wasn't enough there's also an amazing collection of extended synth one-shots that will sit perfectly in your sampler of choice. You'll also find some beautifully saturated drum samples from the most iconic of drum machines meaning you'll have everything you could need to create the most authentic of Synthwave tracks.  
So dig in and get creative today with this nostalgic beauty.


  • 104 Loops Including:
  • 7 Arps
  • 6 Bass
  • 11 Chords
  • 17 Melodies
  • 5 Pads
  • 28 Beats
  • 29 Percs
  • 95 One-Shots Including:
  • 50 Melodics
  • 49 Drums
  • 88-120 BPM
  • 100% Royalty-Free
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