Foley Soundscapes
Foley Soundscapes
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Touch Loops

Foley Soundscapes

100 Loops!

Product Overview

'Foley Soundscapes' by Touch Loops is full of experimental textures and beautifully detailed organic samples for your tracks. From processed Foley samples to manipulated granular soundscapes, side-chained noise and beyond, everything you could need is now in one place. 

Inside this epic collection you'll discover detailed ambience loops, dense atmospheres, processed Foley samples, feedback noises and stunning organic textures. With sounds ranging from wooden and natural to abstract and metallic, these great texture loops will sit perfectly under synth samples, work intricately with your drum patterns or act as a bed to take your sound outside the box.  
With tempos ranging from 90-150 BPM, they'll fit perfectly with almost any genre. Plus, due to the nature of the sound they love to be stretched, manipulated, side-chained and filtered. Just get creative and twist them into your own unique abstract percussion loops or use them straight out of the box. 
So, if you're looking to add something out of the ordinary that'll lift your music and showcase a more organic side, then this one's for you. From Hip Hop to Techno, these sounds 'just work'!


• 100 Loops
• 100 Ambient Soundscapes, FX, Textures & Noise Samples
• 85-150 BPM
• 100% Royalty-Free


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