DX7 - Vintage Synth Loops Samples
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Touch Loops


Experience the DX7 with 70 inspiring loops

Product Overview

Mysterious, rich and truly one of a kind, the DX7 is an icon in the world of classic synthesis.  From the abstract FM synth techniques to the weird sub menus and digital oscillators one thing is never in doubt, just how good this things can sound! 

Presenting our feature collection of DX7 synth samples.  Beautifully sampled, performed and captured, this one of a kind sample pack harnesses the rich depth and modulation of this amazing synth in 70 inspiring loops. 

From Brian Eno to Herbie Hancock, the rich tones have featured on countless records and bring something completely unique to every record they touch.  We spent weeks with this incredible beast to get the best possible sound and the crispest recording chain - I mean the thing deserves it!

Inside this pack of DX7 synth samplers you'll find cinematic 80's tinged arp lines, rich chord progressions, warm FM bass loops, super stylish leads, mysterious phrases and soaring lead lines.  A truly unique pack that we know you'll just love so stand out from the crowd and add some DX7 into the mix.


  • Size: 206.4mb
  • Loops: 70
  • Tempos: 100-120 bpm
  • Styles: DX7 Synth, 80's, Cinematic, Sci-Fi
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