Cadence Weapon - Hip Hop Beats

Cadence Weapon

A custom drum collection made by producer, rapper and DJ Cadence Weapon.

Product Overview

The CADENCE WEAPON DRUM COLLECTION skips from vibe to vibe like an iPhone on random, bouncing from steel drums and dancehall beats all the way to industrial clatter and old school beatboxing. Whether you’re a hip hop head looking for something beyond classic drum machine sounds or an experimental producer searching for abstract elements to spice up your latest mix, the CADENCE WEAPON DRUM COLLECTION has got you covered.

Cadence Weapon’s experiences as a DJ and producer inspired the broad spectrum of styles and sounds found within this drumpack, aiming to reflect his extensive knowledge of music, his dedication to cutting edge production and his commitment to musical innovation.


The CADENCE WEAPON DRUM COLLECTION was created by Cadence Weapon aka Rollie Pemberton and engineer Ewan Kay in collaboration with SoundMorph. Cadence Weapon is the critically acclaimed rapper and producer behind the Polaris Music Prize shortlisted albums Breaking Kayfabeand Hope In Dirt City

  • 20 Kits - 370 Samples - 20 loops - 16 bit 44khz .wav files
  • Pre-made templates for Battery 4 and Ableton
  • Embedded with Soundminer and Baseheaad metadata

Featured genres:

Hip Hop + Dancehall + Experimental + Club Dub + Beatboxing + Industrial + Steel Drums

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