Renault Master 2.3 DCi - Sound Library
Renault Master 2.3 dci
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Renault Master 2.3 dci

Diesel Van Sound library

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Product Overview

Renault Master 2.3 dci diesel van sound library is a go to pack for many transportation related scenes.

It features 102 96kHz files, more than 130 minutes of audio covering different aspects of using a car.

Inside you’ll fine engine recorded under the hood, stereo recordings from cabin during driving, exterior passes and different manoeuvres and foley recordings.

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  • 6 engine under the hood onboard recordings while driving (38 minutes)
  • 10 interior cabin recordings, 6 in sync with engine  (54 minutes)
  • 70 exterior passby/ driving files
  • 18 foley sound effects
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