Italy - Sicilian Ambients - Field Recordings
Italy – Sicilian Ambients
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Italy – Sicilian Ambients

Various Locations - 287 Minutes

Product Overview

Sicilian Ambients sound library is a result of my recent trip to Italy. It features 36 WAV files, recorded with two 8040s plugged into Sound Devices 702 and Sony PCM-M10 portable recorder. The total length of the files is 287 minutes.

The goal was to record ambients of various locations during different times of the day. That’s why you’ll find location sound of not only empty streets but also crowded ones.  Mornings and nights sounded different from siesta time, that’s why I’ve recorded streets during all those times. Another location was a fish market recorded in the morning, during most intense moments. Other files covers the traffic on the streets full of honking scooters, barking dogs and just cars passing by.

In addition to the recordings from Trapani, you’ll find sound of the airports, not only in Italy but also in Poland, which contents not only Polish wallas but also Italian one. Walla sounds varies from ones with a lot of people talking from different directions, but also more narrow ones, with small groups speaking from one place. Most of the recordings are not that easy to distinguish, but there are also files where you can hear very clearly every word.


Format: WAV
Size: 11.17 GB
Contents: 36 files
Sound list: Excel

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