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Drawing and Handwriting Collection
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Drawing and Handwriting Collection

Over 6000 drawing and handwriting sounds

Product Overview

This library has a unique selection of drawing and handwriting sounds, recorded and edited with the utmost care in a recording booth, with a perfect acoustic treatment, for dry and clean sounds.

Includes 1040 files containing more than 6000 drawing and handwriting sounds from 26 different tools.

Each tool includes short sounds ( letters and punctuations with speed variations : fast and slow ), medium ( words ), long ( sentences ) and a part dedicated to drawing, allowing endless possibilities. For even more precision, some tools have been recorded on several materials like Paper ( in books and on desks ), Papyrus, Canvas, etc.

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Tools USED

  • Ball Pen
  • Correction Fluid Pen
  • Bamboo Reed Pen
  • Chalk & Chalkboard Eraser
  • Charcoal Stick with Paper Stump and Kneaded Rubber Eraser
  • Dip Pen
  • Finger on Fogged Glass
  • Fountain Pen
  • Graphics Tablet
  • Markers / Felt Pens ( Broad and Fine Point )
  • Paint Brush
  • Pencil with Eraser, Sharpener and Electric Sharpener
  • Quill Pen
  • Sand
  • Scratch Art
  • Stone ( Thin & Thick Chisel )
  • Wax Crayon
  • Whiteboard Marker ( Broad and Fine Point ) with Whiteboard Eraser.

Includes embedded Soundminer metadata.

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