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Scott Stewardson Sounds


Horror-themed sounds for Kontakt

Product Overview

The Instrument Defunction is a small horror-­‐themed library comprising of percussive samples of wood knocks, piano frame hits, and string picks. While the sounds are primarily geared for a tension filled horror-­‐themed sound, the sounds in Defunction can be used for any genre your imagination can find.

The samples were recorded in stereo in a natural non-­‐studio environment. Any reverb on the dry samples are the result of the space the recordings were made in, for instance the piano frame hits samples capture reverb from the inside of the chamber.

The keys are colored per range of sample sets.

Wood knocks come in two dynamics: hard and soft, the hard knocks go from C1 to F1, and the soft knocks from F#1 to B1.

The next set of samples are three dynamics of piano frame samples: full, hollow, and thin at C2 to F2, F#2 to B2, and C3 to F3, respectively.

Synthesized string picks occupy notes F#3 to B3, and acoustic string picks at the top-­‐most range of notes C4 to F#4.

There are four round robin samples per note, and a second layer of brighter samples at one sample per note. This second layer can be turned on via the Layer 2 button.

The GUI has three effects at default settings; Delay, 2-­‐band Equalizer and Convolution. All effects parameters are editable, and the effects can by bypassed for a dry sound.

To install Defunction, unzip and move the Instrument folder into your preferred Kontakt directory, or onto an external hard drive.

Defunction requires Kontakt version 5.1.0 and up to work. The library will NOT work with the free Kontakt Player.

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