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Platinum Producer Drums (Kontakt)

High Quality Platinum drum library for Kontakt

Product Overview

PLATINUM PRODUCER SIGNATURE 24/96 Khz DRUMS is a top sounding Drum library for KONTAKT ( Full version 5.8.1 or later is needed ).

The Drum samples were recorded in NASHVILLE (USA) in 24 bits/96 Khz format.

This library focus on a high quality Drum sound right out of the box with processed Drum samples that sounds immediately Punchy, Fat, Clear and " PLATINUM ALBUM READY ".The Drums will easily cut through any mix.

All the samples processing is already done with Top analog console and gear, low cut, high cut, eq, compression, transient, phase, gate, etc...

Accelerate your workflow with all the sounds on a single Multi patch inside KONTAKT, you can easily adjust the volume of differents drum parts and choose between 3 Snares and 3 Kicks with a single click.

A new way to work incredibly fast with amazing results in few minutes only... Now you can have the Drum sound of " Platinum Albums " on your next song...

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The recording was made in NASHVILLE (USA) in December 2018 in a Pro studio with 15 mics through Top Analog Gear and Console at 24 Bits and 96 KHZ for maximum clarity, punch and dynamic.


  • LUDWIG TM Rocker 16x22 (BD1).
  • LUDWIG TM Classic 14x22 (BD2).
  • LUDWIG TM Classic 16x22 (BD3).


  • MAPEX TM 6-5x14 Maple Deluxe (SD1).
  • LUDWIG TM 5x14 1970 Supraphonic (SD2).
  • PORK PIE TM 6-15x14 Big Black (SD3).


  • LUDWIG TM Classic 8x10.


  • LUDWIG TM Classic 9x13.​


  • LUDWIG TM Classic 14x16.​


  • 15 ZILDJIAN TM Avedis.​


  • 18 PAISTE TM 602 Thin Crash (CRASH 1).
  • 20 SABIAN TM AA Raw Bell Crash (CRASH 2).


  • 21 SABIAN TM HH Raw Bell Dry Ride (RIDE 1).
  • 20 PAISTE TM Signature traditional Medium Thin Ride (RIDE 2).


    All the processing, including A level Analog Console and Gear, Gate, Eq, Compression, Phase, Transient, Tuning, High cut, Low cut, etc... is already done by a Certified Platinum Records Producer. I didn’t apply more than 1 Db of gain reduction on the kicks and more than 3 Dbs of gain reduction on the Snares to preserve dynamics and impact and let you the opportunity to apply more compression if needed for a more specific sound.

    I didn’t add any room reverb or any kind of reverb to preserve the Transient of the samples, what you hear is the natural room sound of the recording studio ! Your drum tracks will sounds better than ever !!!


I first created this library for my own use on pro recording to save time and be sure to have a perfect result each time i need realistic acoustic drum parts and when you have 6 certified gold records and 2 certified platinum records ! you need to deliver amazing Pro Drum sound on your final tracks each time, believe me...

Of course i own all the other drum software that are supposed to help you to obtain real drum parts with a realistic pro sound. It’s pleasant to hear that you will have access to

24 000 samples ! 24 Round Robin ! 22 different Snares Sounds etc.... but when you load these libraries and start playing drum parts just be honest ! it often sounds weak ! too dark, with no punch and no life on the samples, with average level between elements and too much compression and too much reverb on the drum sound !!! It doesn’t sound at all like the drum sound that you hear on Platinum Hit Songs on the radio !

So i was really disappointed each time i first used them in a real track and of course at the end i was able to obtain decent drum sound but it was a long long process, with hours of tweaking every single drum elements, each on a different track and applying EQ, Compression, Transient, Low cut, etc to sound like a real drum performance...

I HAD A DREAM ! A Drum library that i can load in seconds and as soon as i will hit the keys i will hear professionally recording amazing drum samples with punch, clarity, dynamics, transient, etc... with coherent level between the elements and i can start immediately to record on a single stereo instrument midi track, slightly quantize et voila !

it will sound immediately like a top drum sound on a radio Hit and most important will inspire me creating nice drum tracks as soon as i start composing. I will just apply a little room reverb if i needed and a slight amount of compression to fit in the mix with the bass and the other instruments and in 10 minutes i will have a incredibly realistic drum part... but it was just a dream at this time... so i decided to produce a 24 Bits 96 KHZ drum library who can do that effortlessly and... that’s why today PPS DRUMS 24/96 KHZ is here inside you DAW ready to help you to record AMAZING DRUM TRACKS in few minutes... HAVE FUN with this Drum library, please respect my work, ( Time and money invested ) and don’t share it, keep it for yourself as a Producer secret ! and start composing, recording and producing the music that you have in your head !



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