Vintage Mixtape - Soulful Samples
Vintage Mixtape
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Origin Sound

Vintage Mixtape

Over 1.5GB of meticulously crafted soulful vibes.

Product Overview

Origin Sound proudly presents Vintage Mixtape. Back with another behemoth Hip Hop library at just over 1.6GB, filled with meticulously crafted samples that are simply oozing with soulful vibes.

Dive into Vintage Mixtape and you will find a vast selection of musical samples, ranging from soft emotive leads, authentically smooth guitar licks, warm walking bass lines, glistening Rhodes chord progressions, to warped atmospheric saxophones. Not to mention a selection of melodic ‘stacks’ consisting of multiple layers of instruments, providing a thick sample to work with and spark your creativity. Vintage Mixtape also includes key and tempo labelled MIDI clips to match the music loops, giving you the ability to build on your productions with your own sonic imprint.

The comprehensive offering of drum samples provide the backbone for Vintage Mixtape, boasting 30 natural drum loops, which are all split up into stems to allow for quick interchangeability to create your own unique grooves. As well as the extensive selection of 120 individual drum hits, which are itching to be loaded into a drum machine or sampler, where you can really start to let you express yourself with a groove that is totally unique to your style.

The range of SFX easily provide the final level of detail to your productions, and are a great go to for inspiration. Filled with characteristic music loops, authentic vinyl noises, crunchy drums breaks, a variety of atmospheres, and oldschool radio sounds, these sounds are perfect for sparking creativity and adding those final realistic characteristics to your productions.

Vintage Mixtape is an essential library for any producer looking to add more soulful and authentic samples to their arsenal, providing inspiring loops and hits that are bound to spark your creativity to finesse your next innovative track.



  • 120 Organic drum hits
  • 30 Humanised drum loops (Full bounces and stem bounces)
  • 30 Bonus percussion loops
  • 22 Realistic bass Loops (including Midi files)
  • 21 Soulful chord Loops (including Midi files)
  • 47 Emotive melody Loops (including Midi files)
  • 20 Creative stack loops (+ aged & chopped edits)
  • 50 Inspiring SFX
  • 80 Adaptable musical one shots
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