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Product Overview

Origin Sound is proud to present its newest sample pack Raw Beats, a colossal collection of live drum loops. Ranging from 67-160 BPM these drum breaks not only touch on a wide variety of tempos, but also contain a diverse set of styles and textures.

Digging into the drum loops there are no two that sound the same. It can be difficult to achieve consistent originality when creating such a niche product, but our team has managed to spend the gruelling hours ensuring that each idea stands out. The sounds range from loops that rattle with lush river shakers, classic hip-hop beats with straight grooves, drums that are drunk and super wonky, four on the floor disco vibes, super funked out creations, all the way to a few drum and bass extras. Although these loops may each be associated with a genre and BPM that evokes a certain mood and style, these could easily be resampled and used in any imaginable genre. Some of the loops reference famous grooves from the likes of Thundercat, Kendrick Lamar, and J Dilla, and more.

Apart from the main portion of the folder being composed of drum loops, Raw Beats also houses a small variety of hand picked drum hits. Although the folder is small and only contains 20 shots in total, each one has been sculpted to perfection. There is no unnecessary fluff, only pure top shelf content. As well as this elegant selection of drum hits, there is also a bonus music loops folder. The folder is full of funky and soulful progressions, containing all the basses, guitars, leads, and vocals from the demo track for the pack.

Raw Beats brings a perfect mix of modern punchy production paired with expertly performed rhythms, a rarity in the world of drum focused sample packs. Have a dig through the sounds yourself and let the inspiration take the wheel.


  • 91 drum loops
  • 20 drum hits
  • 11 bonus music loops
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