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Organic Ambience
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Organic Ambience

Essential Downtempo & Chill

Product Overview

Expand your productions into whole new creative environment with Organic Ambience, a library pushing the boundaries with a distinct dry feel whilst maintaining a larger than life sonic atmosphere.

The bedrock of this library is the 120 individual drum hits that have a vast range of sonic properties yet have a cohesive feel throughout, providing a consistent timbre to work around. For those looking for a smooth workflow, there are 30 ready-to-go drum loops to choose from, as well as stem bounces to allow quick and easy interchangeability between the various grooves on offer to create your own unique patterns. 

Organic Ambience possesses a rich tapestry of loops and one shot musical elements. The stacks section contains a wealth of music loops which are layers of a variety of instruments, from cascading strings, warm pianos, reversed synth elements, analogue basslines, and plenty more. All elements contained in the stacks samples are broken down to provide the subsequent bass, melody, and chord sections of the library, accompanied by respective MIDI parts for those who wish to add their own sonic imprint to their productions.

Where this library really comes into its own is with the SFX and ambient textures. Whether that be to creatively utilise the ticking of a clock, or to subtly place an ambient texture in the back of the mix throughout, these meticulously crafted samples are what add the final level of detail and transport your productions to a convincing sonic environment.

Organic Ambience is a versatile library suitable for producers from a vast range of genres looking to expand the sonic palette within their sample bank with meticulously crafted high quality samples.


  • 120 Gentle drum hits
  • 30 Detailed drum loops (Full bounces and stem bounces)
  • 20 Bonus percussion loops
  • 20 Warm bass loops (including Midi files)
  • 40 Thick chord loops (including Midi files)
  • 30 Precise melody loops (including Midi files)
  • 20 Intricate stacks 
  • 42 Versatile SFX
  • 15 Real ambient textures
  • 40 Musical one shots


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