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Illusion - Organic Downtempo

Electronic and organic textures

Product Overview

Blur the lines between the sounds of electronic and organic textures with “Illusion” – A handcrafted pallet of textures, tones, ambience and more, taking inspiration from downtempo artists such as Bonobo, Maribou State, Nick Hakim, Jordan Rakei, Sampha. “Illusion” contains a meticulous selection of atmospheric melodies, analog synth lines, subtle chord progressions, live bass guitar patterns, foley infused SFX and more. All of which have been processed with a selection of boutique outboard gear and vintage guitar pedals.

“Illusion” contains every musical element needed to create an deep downtempo soundscape. Musical elements range from hypnotising guitars processed with rare analog boutique pedals to subtle close mic’d pianos and heavily processed vocal chops.

“Illusion” contains a wealth of over 55 music loops which have been written in sets to allow you full integration between loops and samples. 11 Bass loops provide a solid groundwork for your atmospheric soundscape; the majority of these bass loops were either recorded with a “Fender Jazz Bass” or a “Moog SUB37”. 12 Beautiful chord progressions provide the midrange frequencies which have been filled with dirty rhodes keys, mature deep pianos, dusty analog synths and more. To compliment these bass & chord progressions we have included a huge selection of 35 compatible melody lines. Expect to hear dirty processed vocals, soaring synth lines, textured synth plucks, a wealth of guitars, cold haunting strings, trippy world instruments and much more.

A handpicked collection of 14 drum loops provide a unique bed for the music loops provided inside “Illusion”, including separate stems for interchangeable grooves, and a range of extra percussive, foley-infused loops to add flair to your rhythm section. Drum patterns cover all possibilities such as 4/4, humanised snare rolls and more. If this isn’t enough there is a wealth of 71 one shot drum hits, these drum tones range from unconventional, abstract percussion with modern processing to roomy live drum tones and more.

The SFX provided in this boutique library contain many foley elements, ranging from dirty noise layers to guitar noise clips. These SFX have a uniquely cloudy character but came alive when we processed them through unique hardware effects such as the “Elektron Analog Heat” or the “Klone overdrive pedal”. These textures and tones can be layered with musical loops or combined with the many drum loops included to give your music an organic and live recorded feel.

“Illusion” is one of our deepest libraries available. Ideal for producers looking to add a uniquely dirty yet beautiful sound to there productions.


71 Warm drum hits

14 Fluent drum loops (Full bounces and stem bounces)

11 Bonus percussion loops

11 Thick bass Loops (including Midi files)

12 Beautiful chord Loops (including Midi files)

35 Atmospheric melody Loops (including Midi files)

15 Foley infused SFX

20 Musical one shots

Tempos - 105, 115BPM

Download size - 512MB

Instant download & royalty free

All samples are key & BPM labelled for ease of use

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