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Day Dreaming
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Origin Sound

Day Dreaming

A lush and natural sounding pack of crisp, jazzy samples

Product Overview

Transport yourself back in time with Origin Sound's "Daydreaming". A lush and natural sounding pack of crisp, jazzy samples, perfect for all styles of hip hop and soul.

Start by inspecting the folder of music loops. Including 10 warm bass loops; 12 diverse and airy chord loops which utilise various Rhodes, Wurlis and pianos; and 21 ethereal melodic loops, ranging from soulful saxophones to retro, humming synths. When possible each loop has it's own MIDI accompaniment, making it incredibly easy to fundamentally adapt each loop to perfectly fit your composition.

The ideal compliment to the music loops can be found in our folder of drum hits, where we have rendered out over 61 individual hits to program into your song. Our 15 kicks and 15 snares contain tight, punchy transients and a subtle warm high end, to retain the vintage feel while still having a clean mix. Our versatile folder of 16 percs and 15 tops contain everything you might need from foley wood hits and crisp shakers to dusty hats and rides, further enhancing the warm sonic palette provided in this pack. 

The perfect way to expand on these drum hits would be through utilising the drum loops folder, where you'll be able to combine a wealth of pre-existing loops with beats of your own to create complex percussive textures. The folder contains 15 different drum loops as well as 15 bonus perc loops, characterised by their rustic and gentle sound, ideal for more lo-fi orientated sub genres. As with all of our packs, we have rendered the drum loops both without kick and without kick and snare for further fine tuning and layering potential at your fingertips.

Another way you could fine tune would be through the use of the versatile musical one shots included in this pack. Our 20 synth / instrument hits include cloudy synth plucks and silky keys all sampled at C3 for ease of use. The bass hits folder of a further 20 samples include a wealth of different bass sounds, from simple harmonic 808s to slightly harsher subs to be used in a variety of different genres.

The final folder to dive into is the index of 30 SFX provided, to stylise and streamline your sound further. We have rendered everything from simple vocal adlibs to field recordings to crisp foley, giving you the ability to integrate these sounds regardless of the style of your music.

"Daydreaming" by Origin Sound is a gorgeous pack of retro hip hop / soul samples inspired by the likes of Tomppabeats, Jinsang and [bsd.u].

Whats in the pack?

  • 61 Delicate drum hits
  • 15 Deep drum loops (with stem exports)
  • 15 Peaceful percussion loops
  • 10 Brisk bass loops
  • 12 Comforting chord loops
  • 21 Mesmerising melody loops
  • 10 Smooth song starter stacks
  • 40 Moody musical one shots
  • 30 Stylish SFX
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