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Dodge This
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Dodge This

Unique slow motion sound effects

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Product Overview

“What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?..” Neo, The Matrix.

“Dodge This” is a set of sounds aimed to enhance “Slow Motion” and “Bullet Time” moments in movies, trailers and video games.

It has a very strong Sci-fi feeling. So, If you need to create “passing by” bullets like in the famous “Bullet Time” scene in “The Matrix”, evoke big “Slow Motion” movements like the giant robots in “Transformers” or induce a state of focus in “Slow Motion” modes in video games, this library is great for you.

Also you will find a nice selection of impacts with a a powerful time sensation that are perfect for trailers.

Categories included:

Atmospheric Element • Bass Drop • Dodge_Pass By_Movement • Fx_Movement_Bass • Fx_Movement_Sci-fi • Fx_Movement_Tremolo • Fx_Reverse • Hit_Impact • Hit_Low • Hit_Shot_Sci-fi

Earn the power to control time!


173 WAV files
891.5 MB
25 minutes
Includes metadata
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