Unit: Sitar Samples and Loops
Unit: Sitar
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Loop Cult

Unit: Sitar

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Authentic Indian Sitar Sounds



Product Overview

Adding to your folder of immortal all-round samples, Loop Cult presents UNIT: Sitar, which will be a spicy seasoning to your collection of live instruments.

UNIT: Sitar provides an authentic Indian experience with crafted sitar sounds, resampled loops & fxs ranging in key and tempo.

It’s perfect for coloring any track in any genre, as all the samples are masterfully processed and crafted to fit your needs.

✓ Royalty Free
✓ Key & tempo labelled
✓ 24bit Wav Quality
✓ Compatible with all DAWs
✓ Creatively resampled & processed loops
✓ Sitar Fxs folder

Product Breakdown

  • 281 mb
  • 94-157 BPM
  • 52 Dry Sitar Loops
  • 21 Resampled Sitar Loops
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