Laniakea Sounds

Bliss 2: Atmospheric Vocals

Unique atmospheric vocal ad-libs and complex soft vocal textures.

Product Overview

'Bliss 2: Atmospheric Vocals' from Laniakea Sounds is the second chapter of 'Bliss', an outstanding sample pack filled of unique atmospheric vocal ad-libs and complex soft vocal textures, suitable for a various genres of music.

After a big success of previous chapter, Laniakea Sounds continued recording some unique sounds in thier studio and now show you the next sample pack of this vocal series.
'Bliss 2' contains 40 atmospheric vocal ad-libs which give life to your track regardless of its genre, 20 absolutely outstanding blurred vocal textures and 30 vocal swells and more. All the sounds are perfectly combined as with each other as with other sounds and demo-track confirm that. This sample pack is a best addition to the first chapter.
If you are looking for some music elements for colourising any your track, 'Bliss 2' is the best solution for you.
Product Details:
• 100 WAV Files 
• 40 Atmospheric Vocal Ad-libs 
• 30 Soft Vocal Swells 
• 20 Blurred Vocal Textures 
• 10 Vocal Tones 
• 100% Royalty-Free

Customer Reviews

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Create your Atmospheric Vocal setups and combinations

Interesting set of Atmospheric vocal phrases. Its great to use them in sample setups/combinations. The set is not directly ready for use, but when you are creative it super great ! The Wav. files can be reused in many other VST applications and gives me interesting perspectives. Waaw, what a great set !



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