HVAC Drones and Tones
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HVAC Drones and Tones

27 hvac-addled drones and room tones in 24bit/96kHz.

Product Overview

Hvac Drones & Tones - a collection of 27 files/1.22GB hvac-addled drones and room tones sound effects in 24bit/96kHz mono & stereo.

Here are the noisy insides of hotel rooms, bath rooms and more. Recordings of large ventilation and filter units, cooling compressors and whining fans. Some of the sounds are completely pristine and unprocessed, while others have been tampered with to reveal hidden qualities. This collection contains both noir and noise...

You get:

  • High quality 24bit/96kHz
  • Stereo ambiences/room tones
  • Searchable file names
  • Secure Amazon S3-powered download
  • Mono drones
  • BWF Metadata embedded, with more included in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats - here's a PDF preview
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