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Excited Electrons
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Excited Electrons

121 files of chaotic noises, bleeps & drones from electronic circuits.

Product Overview

Excited Electrons - a collection of 121 files/399MB electronic noise sound effects in 24bit/96kHz mono, recorded with induction pickups.

Here are the chaotic, squealing, squelching insides of everyday electronic apparatus, such as cell phones, laptops, MiniDisc (I'm so old) players and battery drills. Sounds that drone, sounds that buzz - sounds that go "YipYipYiiiipfffrrrszz...". No kidding. Recorded with induction coils/telephone pickups or whatever you want to call them, these sounds are excellent sound design material. In fact, I couldn't help "performing" a bit when recording some of them, just to add a little extra movement.

You get:

  • Clean (not!), high quality sounds
  • Buzzes, fizzes, crackles, bleeps, pops and more!
  • Secure Amazon S3 - powered download
  • Metadata included in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats - here's a PDF preview
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