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Bells and Bowls
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Bells and Bowls

14 different bell-like objects

Product Overview

I give you 14 different bell-like objects, each multi-sampled for maximum expressiveness, tuned to the nearest musical note and ready to drop into your favorite sampler and play away. Ranging from only slightly complex sine waves, to strange wobbles and beat frequencies, these actual physical bowls, plates and vases had some pretty amazing musical sounds in them. Many of them took surprisingly little pitch-alterations to reach a musical note - almost as if some glassware factory wanted them to be struck with mallets and recorded!

You Get:

  • Clean, high quality sounds
  • All sounds tuned to nearest musical note
  • All files trimmed to start, for ease of use in samplers
  • Several variations per recorded object = organic and expressive productions
  • Metadata included in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats - here's a PDF preview
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