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Hotwired Modern Synths
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Hotwired Modern Synths

40 Multisampled Modern Synths for Ableton


Product Overview

This is a pack of 40 multisamples for Ableton Live. It is a broad selection of classical synth sounds played on modern synths and processed with vintage valves for a rich harmonic tone. 

You might call it a ‘bread and butter’ set focussed on pitched melodic sounds. There are basses, strings, electric pianos, organs, slinky leads, pads and more suitable for classic rock and pop, synthwave, electro, funk, disco, anything with chords and melody.

This is a minimalist set with simple waveforms envisaged as a song or track writing toolbox. There are no long evolving drones, sfx, or esoteric sounds in this one. Just the best possible tone and rich harmonics for a warm sound.

Lovingly sampled at 24/96 (works great at 44 too) using the best pre amps and converters and weighing in at a lean 850mb there is no wasted space here.

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