Standard Drums Vol 1 - Gradient Lab - Oneshots
Standard Drums Vol 1
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Gradient Lab

Standard Drums Vol 1

Meticulously recorded and edited Drum One-shots

Product Overview

Gradient Lab Presents: Standard Drums Vol. 1.

This collection of drums has been recorded using high quality analog preamps and microphones. It includes various acoustic drums meticulously recorded and edited for use by experienced and new sound designers and composers and anyone in between.

These samples will work in any genre, they have been process with minimal effect if any at all leaving a large amount of room for creative treatment, experiment and customization


  • 63 One-Shot Kick Drum Samples
  • 96 One-Shot Cymbal Samples
  • 81 One-Shot Hi-hat Samples
  • 73 Brushed Snare One-Shot Samples
  • 66 Disengaged Snare One-Shot Samples
  • 57 Standard Snare One-Shot Samples
  • 86 Hi & Mid Tom One-Shot Samples
  • 80 Low Tom One-Shot Samples
  • 278 mb
  • 603 files Total
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