Experimental Drums - Oneshots
Experimental Drums
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Gradient Lab

Experimental Drums

458 processed drum samples

Product Overview

This collection of drums was created to add a sound to drum collections we find to be rare.

We overloaded our dynamic mics purposefully to exploit their natural tendencies to overdrive and compress. We used these techniques along with preamps that have their own subtle grit and color to create a raw in your face sound. For our source material we intentionally broke our snare heads and tom heads and then recorded the result as we destroyed the sound further.

We stacked cracked cymbals and put some broken rides on a hi-hat stand to create a ride-hat. These drums will add something very different to your tool kit and they will work in any genre, they have been processed with minimal effect if any at all leaving a large amount of room for creative treatment, experiment and customization.

Experimental Drums can be used 100% royalty free.


  • 98 Broken Stacked Cymbals and Cymbal Hat One-Shot Samples
  • 66 Broken Hi-Hats and Ride-Hat One-Shot Samples
  • 99 Broken Snare One-Shot Samples
  • 99 Broken Tom One-Shot Samples
  • 96 Foley and Synthetic Experimental Kick Drums
  • 156 mb
  • 458 files Total
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