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Pro Sound Collection
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Gamemaster Audio

Pro Sound Collection

EVERY sound Gamemaster Audio ever made!

Product Overview

Pro Sound Collection is the highest quality and most affordable sound library you will find. The ultimate collection of 8076 ready to use sound effects!!!

This is the perfect collection of sounds for all types of sound designers, game developers and video editors who need a large range of high quality sound effects ready to use. Designed specifically for games, film and other media by award winning sound designers.

What’s included? EVERY sound Gamemaster Audio ever made! ALL our other other sound libraries (plus other sounds) have been packed into in this amazing sound collection.


Pro Sound Collection Includes:

Animal Sounds
Bullet Impact Sounds
Explosion Sound Pack
Footstep and Foley Sounds
Fun Casual Sounds
Fun Character Voices
Gun Sound Pack
Guns, Bullets and Explosions
Human Vocalizations
Magic and Spell Sounds
Punch and Combat Sounds
Retro 8 Bit Sounds
Sci-Fi Sounds and Sci-Fi Weapons
Silenced Gun Sounds
Troll Monster Vocalizations

Plus MANY more sounds only found in this collection!

Save time and money and get Pro Sound Collection today!

Main Sound Categories:

• Alarms • Ambience • Animals • Beeps • Bullets • Buttons • Cartoon • Cinematic • Collectibles • Comedy • Doors • Electricity • Explosions • Fire • Foley • Footsteps • Guns • Hums • Items • Levers • Magic • Misc. • Nature • Powerups • Punches • Retro/8Bit • Sci-Fi • Snow / Ice • Switches • User Interface • Voice • Water • Weapons • Whooshes + MANY MORE!

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