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Sub Sonic Bass - Mini Library
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Sub Sonic Bass - Mini Library

Cinematic bass drops

Product Overview

Do you remember the scene from The Matrix where Trinity jumps and the time freezes while the camera turns around with this amazing sub sonic bass drop sound? Here is everything you need to pump up your slow-motion scene and more!

‘Sub Sonic Bass – Mini Library’ is a library focused on those cinematic bass drops you often hear in action and sci-fi trailers and films. This library has 30 bass drops that last from three to seven seconds and reach those ultra-low frequencies that shake your audience to the core. The files are delivered at a 96kHz sample rate, so you’ll have the freedom to sync them how you need for maximum impact. For dramatic effects for your trailer, game or song, listen to the demo and feel these heavy drops yourself.


Library ships in 96kHz, 24bit

30 files / 124,3mo

Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata

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