Braaam Strike 2
Braaam Strike 2
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Braaam Strike 2

BRAAAM Strike 2 showcases the most sought after movie trailer sound effects.

Product Overview

Gain a producer’s essential movie trailer sound effects library – BRAAAM Strike 2.

Explore the depths of deep cinematic synth bass impacts, stingers, and droning hits. Includes massive sound effects, all in high quality .WAV 96k 32bit.

BRAAAM Strike 2 is the sequel of the critically acclaimed trailer sound effects library Braaam Strike. 

Gets you noticed. Set your production apart and employ the rarefied sounds of the Hollywood audio elite.

BRAAAM Strike 2 showcases the most sought after movie trailer sound effects. These Menacing cinematic synth horn impacts are known as BRAAAM sounds. They have been described as anything from a fog horn sound, bass drone, a massive blast of indistinguishable brass. Some describe them as an alphorn next to an amplifier, a single stomach rumbling tone and most notably, “The Inception Sound.”

Created by award-winning film composer, David Levy. Braaam Strike 2 is aimed to provide you with epic the blockbuster trailer quality sound effects that AAA game studios and major film studios are looking for. Cue in dark dramatic dynamics, make massive hits, create outstanding ominous and signature textures for epic cinematic scenes. Instant Hollywood sound effects and hybrid scoring style!


  • 100 files
  • 15 minutes of audio
  • 706.9mb of samples
  • All in .WAV 96k 32bit, 24bit, and 44.1k 16bit
  • Film and Game Trailer Sound Library
  • Includes Massive Dark Synth Impacts
  • Cinematic Hits and Stingers
  • Perfect for AAA Games and Film
  • Save time and gain valuable audio assets
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