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Upright Piano
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Upright Piano

An Upright Piano in a small venue

Product Overview

Piano is a multi-sampled Upright Piano. Hosted in a small venue right beside an auto shop it has undergone numerous Jazz and Blues sessions throughout the decades.

The Live Pack contains the Piano with adjustable sustain and release samples plus 7 additional instruments that push sound far beyond the original.

  • Arper adds some heavenly arpeggios
  • Damped sounds like a huge piano behind a wall
  • Looped introduces random patterns during performance
  • Morph combines formant-shifting with interesting side-noises
  • Piano is the pure velocity-layered piano sound
  • Peak brings in the taste of a prepared piano
  • Remember 2133 can be tweaked from Grand to Honky Tonk
  • Synth is a polyphonic stereo synthesizer

Upright Piano in Universal Format contains the velocity-layered sustain samples plus release sounds as separate patches. Both patches can be combined in numerous software samplers like Kontakt, NN-XT. EXS 24, Directwave, Halion as well as each other software sampler that supports the Cakewalk sfz format.


Universal Format

SFZ, NKI, SXT, EXS, FXP included
2 x 5 Patches, 119 Samples, 233 MB

Live Pack

Requires Live 8.4 or higher
8 Instruments Racks, 121 Samples, 240 MB

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