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Schunda Cimbalom Budapest


Product Overview

The Cimbalom is a chordophone composed of a trapezoidal box with metal strings stretched across its top. It is commonly found throughout the Balkan states and in 1890 it was proclaimed the national instrument of Hungary. The instrument sampled for this library is a chromatic Schunda model from Budapest.

The Live Pack includes two fully sampled versions and 12 useful adaptions that take the sound far beyond the original instrument.

The Universal Format version contains two fully sampled versions – a close-miked soft version with pronounced hits from the spoon-shaped felt hammers and a bright version that reveals the brilliance of the instrument. Both versions are based on chromatic multi-sample sets with velocity layers recorded stereo from top with adjustable mono signal from the bottom.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Cimbalom


Universal Format

SFZ, NKI, SXT, EXS, FXP included
4 x 5 Patches, 742 Samples, 1.2 GB
Cimbalom Bright Top (Stereo)
Cimbalom Bright Bottom (Mono)
Cimbalom Soft Top (Stereo)
Cimbalom Soft Bottom (Mono)

Live Pack

Requires Live 8.4 or higher
14 Instrument Racks, 742 Samples, 1.2 GB

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