Binaries - Sampleism


Year 1994 ISA-soundboard FM patches

Product Overview

Binaries is a collection of FM sounds that where captured from a 90ies ISA soundcard. Almost every soundcard of this time contained an OPL3 chip that was capable of producing 4-Operator FM sounds from 8 different waveforms and several tricky algorithms.

According to these benchmarks Binaries delivers a stunning collection of classical FM patches like Rhodes, Clavinet, Bells and Basses but also delivers several non-classified sound design patches. Each patch in the library is made of several velocity layers that reproduce the authentic sound of this time as it was heard in hundreds of computer games.

Sampled from the soundboard´s noisy 16bit output all sounds introduce an unique mixture of pristine FM clarity and dusty digital to analog conversion.


Universal Format

SFZ, NKI, SXT, EXS, FXP included
35 x 5 Patches w/ velocity layers
1692 Samples, 470 MB

Live Pack

Requires Live 8.4 or higher
35 Instrument Racks w/ velocity layers
1692 Samples, 480 MB

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