Djembe Loops - Kontakt
Deep Data Loops

Djembe Loops

231 Wav loops with 3 NI Kontakt instruments

Product Overview

This superb percussive pack not only offers 231 Wav loops but also comes with 3 NI Kontakt instruments (different Arpeggiators) to built your own rhythms.

And not only traditional sounds of the Djembe drum can be found here but also processed ones that deliver bass and top loops.

For some loops we merged different low/high frequency rhythmic patterns to give a more complex structure.

Playing around with the 3 Arpeggiators easily results in endles new loops and variations, again not only original Djembe sounds but also innovative ones.

347 MB for your percussion solutions.


  • 231 Loops (Traditional + Processed)
  • 3 Kontakt Instruments (Minimum V5.4.1 FULL version only)
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