Trap Hooks 4 - Cycles and Spots
Trap Hookz 4
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Cycles and Spots

Trap Hookz 4

10 Trap Themes (WAV and MIDI)


Product Overview

"Cycles & Spots are back dropping some serious Trap beats in the form of 10 Themes with Wav and MIDI loops plus bonus content as One-Shot drum samples and further melodies.

All harmonics are in the same key (Fm) which makes it easy to mash up these themes and find matching loops.

The MIDI files let you change the synth sounds of the melodies, the bonus drum shots let you create your own beats from scratch, if you prefer to.

Either way you'll have fun using Trap Hooks 4 royalty free samples.


  • 10 Themes (Wav+MIDI)
  • Bonus Loops (Beats, Melodies & MIDI)
  • Bonus One-Shots (Kick, Snare & Hihat)
  • Key-Labeled (All Fm)
  • 225 Files In Total
  • 416 MB
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