Reaktor Lifeforms - Ambient
Reaktor Lifeform
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Cycles and Spots

Reaktor Lifeform

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Ambient atmos / sound effects for Reaktor


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Product Overview

"Cycles & Spots with an efficient Ambient atmos / sound effects release featuring a superb ensemble instrument for Native Instrument Reaktor. With this you can easily create rhythmic or non-rhythmic atmos or percussive sounds. 128 presets are included and you can insert your own sounds by Drag & Drop to get them totally mangled into something new.

The presets are based on handcrafted loops made especially for this (You can export them via the sample map) and dropping your own sounds over them will have 128 different effects. Of course you can tweak the hell out of these presets without any additional samples. If you want to though, an initial snapshot is given to start your own sound designs from scratch as well. Lot´s of possibilities with this one.


  • 1 Reaktor Ensemble (128 Presets)
  • 126 Source Loops
  • 365 MB

Reaktor 6.0.3 or higher needed - FULL Reaktor

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