Reaktor Groove Machine
Cycles and Spots

Reaktor Groove Machine

Drum Groove Machine for Reaktor!

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Product Overview

C&S created something special in their headquarters, a groove machine for Native Intruments Reaktor.

It works similar to a drum machine and features basses and sounds (Mostly chords) on top. 20 already programmed song patterns are included.

Instead only triggering note on/off , this instrument triggers velocity and also 5 different pitch values (X/Y buttons). You can create complete Deep Tech trax with this, either arranging them in in your favourite DAW by snapshots / patterns per MIDI or by simply recording the audio output.

A mixer with a reverb and a delay is built inside although you can use separated stereo outs for each element inside your DAW, too. As it is possible to trigger snapshots by MIDI notes, interesting grooves can be achieved.

All elements can be shuffled separately to get complex grooving sequences. Opposed to all the features it is actually easily and quickly to handle plus a lot of fun!


  • 1 Instrument For NI Reaktor featuring
  • 20 Snapshots / Patterns (Track Bases)
  • 552 One-Shots:
  • 75 Kicks
  • 75 Hihats
  • 75 Claps
  • 75 Snares
  • 75 Basses
  • 75 Sounds
  • 102 Percussion
  • 419 MB 

NI Reaktor 6.1 And Higher Needed

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