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Ableton Live Suite toolkit

Product Overview

C&S are back with a special Ableton Live Suite toolkit for productions ranging from Chill Out to Deep / Minimal.

Inside this pack are 9 audio effects which will bring life to your loops collection and even transform them into new loops.

Further, a beat generator lets you quickly make your own beat loops.

Then there are arpeggiators with multiple patterns for basslines, percs and synth, moving sounds which modulate in interesting ways, Operator presets, special percussion kits (traditional+weird) and unique rhythm makers.Nearly all instruments & FX are tweakable with 8 macro knobs.

A lot of different inspirations and possibilities can be triggered from Cycles & Spots Ableton Tools.


  • 41 MIDI + Audio Instrument / FX chains
  • 8 Arpeggiators (Bass, Percussion, Synth)
  • 9 Audio Effects (For Bass, Chords, Pads, Drums, Perc)
  • 1 Beat Generator
  • 8 Moving Sounds (Granular-Like)
  • 5 Operator Presets
  • 5 Percussion Kits (Traditional+Futuristic)
  • 5 Rhythm Generators
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