Robotic Creations: Heads Up Display
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Robotic Creations: Heads Up Display

Robotic Creations Collection

Product Overview

The Heads Up Display sound effects library is the first installment in the Robotic Creations Collection.  Each library within the Robotic Creations Collection contains sound effects designed to match five different robotic personalities with their own unique sonic characteristics: Mimo, the robot buddy; Q5, the vintage robot; NGage, the exosuit; Gregory, the android; and Firewall, the mech suit.  

Our library looks like it only contains 150 files, but each file includes numerous sound effects for ease of use while editing.  In order to help you work faster and more efficiently, you will find: 

  • All shorter sound files include multiple iterations, providing you with plenty of options all within the same sonic family.  No more searching for a whole new file or manipulating that one great sound when you need to introduce subtle variations. 
  • All longer sounds loop seamlessly.  No need to spend precious time finding the exact right place to create a loop.

This library features the internal tech sounds that you would hear within each distinctive robot's heads up display, such as: 

  • 150+ interface beeps
  • 80+ success beeps
  • 70+ fail beeps
  • 50+ data readouts
  • 45+ countdowns
  • 15+ alarms
  • 100+ power ups
  • 95+ power downs

Please note: This is the WAV collection only. The Toolkit (NI patches and Touch OSC patches + WAVs) can be purchased separately.

  • 1.28 GB
  • 24 bit / 96 kHz
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