Undiscovered Savannah & Jungle - Sampleism
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Undiscovered Savannah & Jungle

Recoded in the Rupununi region

Product Overview

Recoded in the Rupununi region, virtually untouched by modern human activity, its nature combines a mixture of savannahs, shrubs, wetlands and forests located in South America. The Amerindians inhabit the area for millennia and are in total osmosis with their surroundings.

In fact the region is soaked with legends and myths, like the famed El Dorado location, yet to be find and claimed by many explorers. Rupununi bolsters evolving serenades of sounds throughout days and nights due to its incredibly lush eco-systems including thousands of bird species, insects, reptiles and mammals.

Inside you will find 32 HD pristine ambience recordings + 10 designed ambiences. Originally recorded in 4 discreet channels: quad surround at 192KHz / 24Bits in the Rupununi region.

No surprise with this sound library, you will unravel the quest for old gems of mysteries and wild adventures, at the hand of untamed nature.


Total Size (unpacked): 7 Gb

Total Duration: 3:38:12

Number of Files: 42 Wave files

Channels: 2 (stereo interleaved)

Bit Rate: 24 Bit

Sample Rate: 96 KHz

Metadatas: Soundminer / iXML / XMP / BWAV / ID3

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