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Warped Delay
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Warped Delay

Tape Wobbly Lo-fi tape Simulation for Ableton

Product Overview

Warped Delay is a tape Wobbly Lo-fi tape simulation, it can add substrates of pitch change to your delay or can go extreme and became a Sample and Hold Delay.

A Lo-fi Dream, you can alter, wreck, shatter modulate and truly animate your sound.

It can sound like a tape or a vinyl or you can simulate a vibrato effect like that old blue stompbox from japan, or even add a sample and hold line to a vocal or a piano.

Warped Delay is the key to modulated pitch alteration of your delay.

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It's a really deep Sounding reverb, it can be more roomish or have a really deep long reverberated ambience sound, added to that you have EQ on reverberated ambience beside independent Wet and Dry gain control. 


  • Ableton Live 8-10. Works on Every version of Ableton with max4live with axmd file included
  • Max4live is required
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