Fractions Delay for Ableton Live
Fractions Delay
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Fractions Delay

Highly Rhythmic Delay for Ableton

Product Overview

We like to call “Fractions Delay” and highly rhythmic Delay. It is based on a multi tape-head delay but with the Time related in fractions between every single tape-head.

This Delay havs a really experimental character and it’s highly recommended to experiment with it to find your own sound.

Time is related between tape-heads like this:

Tape Head 0 = Time control
Tape Head 1 = time control + Selected Fraction
Tape Head 2 = Tape Head 1 time + Selected Fraction Etc etc

So every change in time from one Tape head will affect the following one.

Let’s see an Example:

Tape head 0 = 100ms
Tape Head 1 = 100ms + 1/4 = 125ms Tape head 2 = 125ms + 1/2 =
187.5ms Etc Etc...

In this way we can obtain multi-tap rhythmic related Delays.


  • Ableton Live 8-10. Works on Every version of Ableton with max4live with axmd file included
  • Max4live is required
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