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Interior Ambience Recordings


Product Overview

Over 9 hours of interior ambience recordings, from busy shopping malls, underground carparks, markets and stations, to quiet indoor pools, empty basements and room tones.

These recordings were made over a four year period, mainly in locations across Europe, including Malta, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania and Spain.

The collection is divided into 6 useful categories:

  • Stores Markets Malls: From crowded market places to empty shopping malls.
  • Public Transport: Buses, airplanes, train stations, airports and more.
  • Restaurants and Cafeterias: Quiet to noisy, with crowd walla and chatter in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German and more.
  • Room Tones: Empty basements, old houses, offices, city apartments, hotel rooms and more.
  • Underground Parking: Busy and quiet
  • Lobby Church Pool: Hotel lobby, large cathedral, small church and indoor swimming pool.
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