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Stavros Genaridis



Stavros Genaridis

My name is Stavros Genaridis and I play the greek instruments - 4 string Bouzouki, Tzoura, Baglama and 3 string Bouzouki! I love these instruments and that is why I sampled the instruments into a 4.3 GB sample library with advanced programming so you just play and not have to think of how - just as if you were playing the real instruments! Hope you enjoy!

  1. Instruments of Greece

    Virtual Bouzouki & Rebetiko Instruments

    A 4.3 GB Greek instrument library including: - 4 string Bouzouki - Baglama - Tzoura - 3 String Bouzouki For Kontakt Player (You DON'T need the full retail version of Kontakt to use this library) Advanced script programming Keyswitchers Control which string is being used by using the modulation wheel Polyphonic or Monophonic with Hammer On and Pull Off Automatic plectrum up & down triggered by script in time Reverb, Delay, Compressor Interface showing what is triggered and played Virtual Bouzouki 10 velocity layers (5 plectrum down and 5 plectrum up) Rebetiko Instruments 6 velocity layers (3 plectrum down and 3 plectrum up) Virtual Bouzouki also includes: Chords that activates when you play a minor or major triad with automatic Flageolets Moderate notes Single tremolo that changes speed with the modulation wheel Third and sixth minor and major tremolo that changes speed with the modulation wheel Glissando from and to note upwards the fret Glissando from and to note downwards the fret FX Phrases played on the bouzouki Space needed for the complete library: 4.5 GB Works on 32 bit computing STANDALONE, VST, AU, DXi, RTAS, ASIO, Core Audio, Direct sound. Please note that when you purchase this library you will get an activation code and the Rebetiko instrument update in a separate email. Please download the Free Preview for the complete user manual and installation instructions. For questions and support please send an email to info@virtualbouzouki.comRead more…

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