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Versilian Studios

Check out our new library, VSCO 2, over on KontaktHub! The Prime Directive of Versilian Studios is "uncompromising authenticity; addicting playability." We strive to create instruments that are naturally inspirational and unique, yet also realistic to the proper techniques and heritage of the instrument. There is nothing better to hear from a tester than "I just couldn't stop playing it." Learn more about us: For all customer support inquiries (excluding issues with the sampleism website, purchase, or download): For all general product or company inquiries:

  1. Etherealwinds Harp

    Free Download

    This is a sampling of a diatonic folk harp recorded by the Newgrounds musician Etherealwinds. Folk/lever harps differ from their big orchestral brothers by having a smaller range, and additionally by the functionality of their tuning system. On a pedal harp, the orchestral staple, levers at the base, activated by foot, control all the notes of the same variety (so if you change C to C#, all the C's are sharped). However, on lever harps, each note has an independent "sharping lever", which can raise that particular note by a half step. This system only allows a halfstep of motion- each octave has to be sharpened if it is desired. In addition, the smaller body of the lever harp gives it a different overall tone than their big brothers. • Diatonically sampled, 2x RR, 3 velocity layers • Celtic Lever/Folk Harp with a delicate, warm tone • Full Decays Sampled • Played and recorded by Newgrounds musician Etherealwinds Download contains VSTi/AU version and Kontakt Version. Requires Full Kontakt version 4.2.4 or above (Not Kontakt Player Compatible)Read more…

  2. Marimba

    Kontakt VSTi and AU

    The Marimba is a relative of the xylophone, distinct for its large, typically semi-tubular resonators found underneath the keys, and larger range than its smaller counterpart. Its history is complex, having early origins in Africa and Central America, but it found a prominent home in the halls of America’s Vaudeville at the start of the 20th Century. The marimba is unique from many modern instruments in that its playing style is still evolving quite rapidly, with new applications and playing techniques coming forth every few years. • 4-6 RR, 3 velocity layers. Very dynamic sound. • 3 mixable mic positions: Main, Close, and Ribbon. • Pre-recorded rolls at different velocities. • Performance by professional mallets player. Download contains Kontakt version and VSTi and AU versions. Requires Full Kontakt version 4.2.4 or above (Not Kontakt Player Compatible)Read more…

  3. Dan Tranh - Vietnamese Zither

    Kontakt and VSTi/AU

    The Dan Tranh is a traditional zither originating from Vietnam. It is considerably longer than its European and American cousins, and is also tuned as a pentatonic instrument. 16-17 metal strings run the length of the instrument with bridges halfway for each string. In traditional performance on this instrument, one hand plucks the strings on one side of these bridges using plectrums (finger-picks) and the other hand bends the pitches of the notes as desired on the other side of the bridges. This allows an incredibly dynamic and unique performance which is very hard to sample and replicate. • 3 octaves of pentatonic (B) and chromatic range, including 4 velocity layers and at least 2xRR on each note. • "Pentatonic Assist" - If you press a key not in the pentatonic scale when a pentatonic patch is loaded, it will play the closest previous note meaning you can use all white keys if you desire. • Effects, Muted Plucks (2 Vel. Layers, 2xRR), Sampled RR Tremolo and Vibrato, • Full Glissandi (4 speed, 3 VL, 2xRR) Download contains Kontakt Version and VSTi and AU versions. Requires Full Kontakt version 5.1 or above (Not Kontakt Player Compatible)Read more…

  4. Hand Chimes

    Kontakt and VSTi/AU

    Hand Chimes are a strange quirk of musical evolution. Created as a cheaper and more durable alternative to hand bells, these giant mutant ninja tuning forks have a mellow sound that is best described as a cross between a xylophone, a music box, and a celesta. These sound excellent in all sorts of textures, but as we found out, they're really great with arpeggios (listen to the demos down to the right). You can also get great effects by pushing the attack back. Use them as an alternative to celesta when you get tired of that sound, or almost like mallet percussion. • 2x RR, one velocity layer (in truth, the instrument is not really capable of multiple timbres across dynamics) • Three octaves of chromatic sampling. • Straightforward new UI design. Download contains Kontakt version and VSTi\AU plugin versions. Requires Full Kontakt version 4.2.4 or above (Not Kontakt Player Compatible)Read more…

  5. Glockenspiel

    Kontakt and VSTi/AU

    The ear-ringing (not bell-ringing) descendant of the carillon is the not-very-intimidating-looking Glockenspiel. However, one must beware its ability to surpass even the piccolo in pain due to high notes. Our glock is slightly more on the mellow side, but, recorded up close, provides a great rich fill of the harmonics, not to mention a lovely quiet end for those cute songs about winter and snow fall when a celeste just won't do. Unlike most sampled glocks, you get to hear the full natural impact of the mallet and get a full range of dynamics. If you don't like the impact, just add a high-pass filter, we won't mind. • Chromatic sampling; 4x RR on velocity layers 1 and 2, x2 on VL 3 (loudest) • Sampled up-close for detail • Ear plugs not included Download contains Kontakt versions and VSTi/AU versions. Requires Full Kontakt version 5.1 or above (Not Kontakt Player Compatible)Read more…

  6. Timpani

    Kontakt Instrument and VSTi/AU

    The Timpani, also known as Kettle Drums, are a set of 3-5 large, bowl-shaped drums tuned to pitches that create a strong, resonant sound, perhaps best known from its bold appearance in Also Sprach Zarathustra. Over six hours of raw recording went into this virtual instrument, originally yielding 1,300 samples. We've paired it down to the best of those and balanced it out across velocities and notes to create a highly playable instrument with a broad dynamic range and an exceptionally punchy top velocity. • Wholetone sampling; 4-6x RR, 5 Velocity Layers, stereo • Kontakt version features EQ and convolution reverb • Very broad dynamic range • Ear plugs not included Download includes Kontakt version and VSTi/AU versions. Requires Full Kontakt version 4.2.4 or above (Not Kontakt Player Compatible)Read more…

  7. Harpsichord

    Kontakt and VSTi/AU

    Harpsichords are a form of keyboard instrument with a history as far back as the Renaissance, predating the modern piano by several hundred years. The only problem with the design of the harpsichord was that it lacks the ability to create dynamics naturally. Instead, different stops must be used to achieve different timbres and volumes, like on organs. This particular harpsichord is a hand-built modern replica based on designs from the Baroque period and features two different stops. • Diatonically sampled, 4xRR • Adjusted to be Equal-tempered, A440, to be compatible with modern ensembles • Includes two stops • Full Decays sampled Download includes VST/AU version and Kontakt version. Requires Full Kontakt version or above (Not Kontakt Player Compatible)Read more…

  8. VS Upright

    Free Lightweight Sketching Piano

    Designed as a light-weight sketching piano, the VS Upright No. 1 is a clean sampling of an upright piano, the standard of homes, small clubs and studios around the world. With a broad dynamic range and a bright, clear tone, the upright can still display a soft side when needed. • 3 velocity layers, 2x RR, sampled in tritones to reduce size. • Full decays of up to 30 seconds recorded. • Recorded stereo from up close and personal for a broad, full sound. Download contains Kontakt version and VSTi/AU versionsRead more…

  9. Glasses

    Crystal Glass Resonance VST/AU

    Mankind has found countless uses for glass over the centuries, but one of the most interesting yet least prevalent is in music. Crystal wine glasses of the ordinary kitchen variety can be brought to resonance by rubbing a damp finger around the rim of the glass in a circular motion. Various speeds and even dynamics can be distinguished with enough practice. Although the instrument is not as useful in a melodic setting, it can create great pad foundations and add weight to a chord or instrument via doubling. "Tings" made from tapping the side of the glass are also useful for articulating chords and melodic phrases, with a tone similar to a glockenspiel but more open and, well, glassy. This download contains both a Win and Mac VST/AU installer (does not contain a Kontakt version)Read more…

  10. Xylophone

    Kontakt Instrument and VSTi/AU

    The Xylophone is an ancient and common member of the percussion family, specifically the selection of pitched mallet percussion. It is formed of a line of pitched wooden (or synthetic) blocks. When hit with a mallet, the instrument produces a tone. Resonators (in the form of tubes) under the blocks give the instrument an added ring. Mallets may vary from a soft yarn mallet to a very hard rubber mallet (more suitable for full orchestral work), or in some cases (to the detriment of the instrument), metal mallets. This virtual instrument includes three different mallet settings, recorded with two sets of microphones including Round Robin and multiple velocity layers for loads of fun! NB: This product uses the mod wheel. • 3 1/2 Octaves of chromatic sampling; 2x Natural RR and 2 Velocity Layers. • Two microphone ranges to mix. • Compact GUI to minimize screen space. • Separate controls for each microphone set- pan and volume. • Three different mallets switchable by Mod Wheel (CC#1). This download contains the Kontakt version and VSTi/AU versions. Requires Full Kontakt version 4.2.4 or above (Not Kontakt Player Compatible)Read more…

  11. Tubular Bells

    Orchestra Chimes - Kontakt and VSTi/AU

    Tubular Bells, otherwise known as Orchestra Chimes or Orchestra Bells, are a member of the percussion family often used to emulate the sound of church bells. It's use is broad- everything from "epic orchestral" to concert band music and more. This particular set has been deep-sampled to provide excellent playability and reasonably good sound quality, certainly good enough for any project. There is a very large dynamic range on the instrument, allowing it to ring out above the orchestra as it truly would, or sink behind quietly to just accent the flow of the piece. The chimes' delays were recorded up to 20 seconds; pressing down the sustain pedal will unleash the full resonance of the chimes. Key Information: • 1 ½ Octaves of chromatic sampling; 2x Borrowed RR and 5 Velocity Layers. • Compact GUI to minimize screen space. • Large dynamic range. • Decays up to 20 seconds (with sustain pedal). This download contains the Kontakt version and the VST/AU version all in one. Requires Full Kontakt version 4.2.4 or above (Not Kontakt Player Compatible)Read more…

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