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5 kits



  1. Beat Assembler XT — quantum drum machine £13.00, 79.5 MB, free preview!

    Beat Assembler XT Beat Assembler is drum computer instrument based on experimental design. It is using randomly or manually generated pattern model, which is then being used as basis for creating a drum sequence. The machine is using series of quantizers and sound mappers ...

  2. OSA — Old School Arps £13.31, 242.8 MB

    OSA IMAGINE yourself in a cellar, filled with vintage synthesizers and analog sequencers, flashing lights, knobs and faders everywhere, playing Berlin School electronic music. If you don't have any of that equipment to your disposal, this library is the next ...

  3. Psychodrumma MKII — drum machine from alternate ... £5.00, 43.4 MB

    Psychodrumma MKII Psychodrumma is imaginary drum machine with extended randomization options. It can be programmed by hand or it can automatically generate random rhythm patterns and basic melody lines. Memory and metasequencer modules can be used to program whole songs ...

  4. Woods 2 £6.99, 27.0 MB

    Woods 2 Woods 2 is a collection of small, medium and large trees, all including background woodland sounds - crunching leaves, birds singing and children playing and natural outside space reverb. Samples of snapped, rotten trunks and branches tapped and wacked ...

  5. Rekombinator — granular sample recycler £18.00, 185.5 MB

    Rekombinator Rekombinator is an experimental sound manipulator device. It deconstructs sound samples to grains and recombines them to assemble new sounds. It can be used to re-structure drum sequences, create robotic voices, flanger effects or evolving granular ...

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