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4 kits



  1. Bowed Tibetan Singing Bowl — Moody, Deep, Enthralling and ... £6.50, 248.0 MB, free preview!

    Bowed Tibetan Singing Bowl This is an experimental library wherein a violin bow is bowed on a Tibetan Singing Bowl in G. In some cases there were novel techniques employed which were able to create unique sounds, probably never heard before. This was not a planned library. I was ...

  2. Science Fiction + Horror Bonus Pack — Free with any purchase over ... £1.99, 51.3 MB, free preview!

    Science Fiction + Horror Bonus Pack THIS PACK IS FREE with any purchase over £6.99 of 'Les Productions Zvon' sample libraries. The samples in this collection are taken from a single Public Domain science fiction/horror movie. They are not part of the Memory Collection packs that are also ...

  3. Drones — 50 drones to set the ... £10.00, 1.91 GB

    Drones The distant industrial sounds of a dystopian society, the unsettling mechanical noise emanating from a mothership's power hub with deep, planetary ambiance and spacecraft roomtones, or maybe there's a serial killer or spirit on the loose in an abandoned ...

  4. Organic Desolation — Organic source Kontakt ... £1.99, 37.8 MB

    Organic Desolation Organic Desolation contains 27 Kontakt instruments with a cold, desolate feel. The sounds were created by greatly stretching samples taken from a kalimba, acoustic guitar, cymbal, flute, pitch pipe, zither and voice. Developed for Kontakt 4.1 and above ...

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