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4 kits



  1. 14 Festival Sylenth Presets £1.99, 5.8 KB, free preview!

    14 Presets For Lennar Digital's Sylenth1 with lead sounds, pluck sounds and Bass sounds for this years festival season.

  2. Echorhode — Microtape 9 £3.00, 53.0 MB

    Echorhode No.9 in the microtape series. Echorhode Adagio 3 - featuring the a different Rhodes set ,sampled through a Dynacord Echocord Super tape delay. Can be used in conjunction with microtape 8. For full version of Kontakt ...

  3. Bassmeister — vintage bass piano £8.00, 322.5 MB

    Bassmeister BASSMEISTER is Kontakt instrument based on samples created with rare, vintage bass piano from East Germany. The piano was probably made sometime in 70s, it is upgraded version of keytar from 60s. It's a sort of Eastern Bloc answer to Rhodes bass piano, ...

  4. Stoner Planet T — 70s Tripped-out Electric Piano £8.00, 31.3 MB

    A simple sample set from the Hohner Pianet T, but with a twist. As always, sampled to worn tape to emulate the mellotron sound, but this time the samples have been gently overdriven with vintage valves, to bring out the hidden character of the Pianet, ...

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