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7 kits



  1. Glockenspiel ST. — 96khz, EXS24 patch £4.50, 61.7 MB

    Glockenspiel ST. This is the best Glock recordings I've ever herd, ever. Got lucky with this one and hopefully others can enjoy it now too. It's 96khz, so yes, that means you can play bass notes with a glockenspiel now. You can hear this in the demo here. Nothing ...

  2. 1st Violin — Evolved Realism £9.99, 62.1 MB

    1st Violin Just play as you want, and the instrument will follow you. Performer Intelligent Technology ©, known as PIT and first introduced with the Clarinet, now evolves to the 2nd generation with this small but great library. Sampled from the Violin of a ...

  3. Tuba Town! — Simple Tuba patch for EXS24 £3.00, 4.5 MB

    Tuba Town! A simple, perfect, tuba sound featuring, staccato and long samples in one patch. More velocity = more staccato, this also works with round robin as well. Every sample was taken from a performance so that everything played back sounds like a ...

  4. Concert Flute — Just like a flute. £9.99, 74.6 MB

    Concert Flute Elegant and expressive, the sound that this library offers You. Enjoy the great sound of the Flute and the Piccolo taking all the benefits from the Hephaestus' Performer Intelligent Technology ©, that simulates the sound behavior of the real ...

  5. SYNFERNO LITE for KONTAKT 5 — Cinematic Sound Module £15.99, 434.8 MB

    SYNFERNO LITE for KONTAKT 5 Rigid Audio SYNFERNO LITE for KONTAKT 5 (NKI, Win / OSX). NOTE: Full version of KONTAKT v5.5 (or higher) required! YouTube Teaser: (Not SYNFERNO LITE!) SYNFERNO LITE is a cinematic Sound Module containing 50 ...

  6. Ancient Belle Glockenspiel — A special Glockenspiel £24.95, 33.8 MB

    Ancient Belle Glockenspiel BELLE GLOCKENSPIEL THE SOUND OF BEAUTIFUL DREAMS • Celesta, Glockenspiel & musicbox merged to one instrument • 270 samples ranging from g” to c”” • 2.5 native recorded octaves plus artificial expansions THE BIG SISTER The "Ancient Belle ...

  7. Ancient Hurdy Gurdy — Hurdy Gurdy Library for ... £24.95, 191.5 MB

    Ancient Hurdy Gurdy HURDY GURDY A TRUE BATTLE-GIRL • Scream or sing - you decide • Soft and aggressive Drones in D & G • Over 3 octaves of pure medieval power LIVING HISTORY The “Ancient Hurdy Gurdy” is a Hurdy Gurdy Library for Kontakt 5. The Hurdy Gurdy is an ...

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