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2 kits



  1. Glockenspiel ST. — 96khz, EXS24 patch £4.50, 61.7 MB

    Glockenspiel ST. This is the best Glock recordings I've ever herd, ever. Got lucky with this one and hopefully others can enjoy it now too. It's 96khz, so yes, that means you can play bass notes with a glockenspiel now. You can hear this in the demo here. Nothing ...

  2. Guatemalan Marimba — Traditional Marimba for ... £24.99, 88.2 MB

    Guatemalan Marimba The marimba is the most important and beloved musical instrument from Guatemala and its traditional construction gives it a rich and unique sound that will bring something unique to your tracks. - Format: Kontakt - Size: ...

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