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4 kits



  1. Timpani to Tango — Simple, beautiful, Timp sounds £4.50, 14.0 MB

    Timpani to Tango Just a perfect Timpani patch. When you need to change out your regular timpani sound, or just find new inspiration, these samples were recorded at 96Kz, giving the freedom to play it as a tonal instrument. There are also some SFX sounds, scraping ...

  2. Bongos — 96khz, EXS24, Bongo patch £4.50, 5.2 MB

    Bongos This is two bongos recorded with a 414 at 96kz. 96k means that not only do you get the two main tones of each drum, we can also stretch and play chromatic notes as well and you can hear this in the demo too. There's also a few little sfx and ...

  3. Hapi Pan Drum — Simple and beautiful samples ... £4.50, 36.3 MB

    Hapi Pan Drum Sampled at 96kz 24bit from a Hapi drum and some of the best tube pre amp/microphones around. This is an extremely playable organic or non synthesized bell like patch. Everything in the demo comes from this patch with just a bit of added delay. ...

  4. DUMPLIN DRUM ABLETON LIVE PACK — Additional Samples, Pack ... £4.99, 14.5 MB

    DUMPLIN DRUM ABLETON LIVE PACK A Dumplin Drum also called a Hand Drum consists of a two cylindrical drumheads, on which are connected 2 small balls with the string. Usually is played with the bare hand rather than a stick or mallet. Dumplin Drum Live Pack Contains: – 10+1 Instrument ...

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