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43 kits



  1. Epic Guitar — Kontakt Instrument FREE! 182.1 MB

    Epic Guitar FREE! EPIC GUITAR for Kontakt 5.4 or later (full version) Epic Guitar is an extraordinary, high quality and absolutely unique Kontakt library, made exclusively out of samples from a nylon string guitar. Just listen to the demo and you don't believe how ...

  2. Instruments of Greece — Virtual Bouzouki & ... £89.99, 2.41 GB, free preview!

    Instruments of Greece A 4.3 GB Greek instrument library including: - 4 string Bouzouki - Baglama - Tzoura - 3 String Bouzouki For Kontakt Player (You DON'T need the full retail version of Kontakt to use this library) Advanced script programming Keyswitchers Control which ...

  3. Ambient Guitar Chords — License free £3.00, 22.8 MB, free preview!

    Ambient Guitar Chords This sample pack contains 20 ambient guitar chords samples in wav format. The samples are recorded with a cort sfx 10 acoustic guitar.

  4. Ambient Swells — (multisampled guitar ... £9.99, 905.4 MB, free preview!

    Ambient Swells instrument is sampled guitar swelling chords. Triads second inversions exactly in all triad chord combinations (maj./min./dim.). When playing guitar no matter how you try to produce same sound by striking same chord and riding volume ...

  5. GuitarScaped 2 — ambient guitar soundscapes £8.57, 721.1 MB, free preview!

    GuitarScaped 2 Like its predecessor, sources for GuitarScaped 2 library was guitar recordings which were very processed and transformed into ambient machine hence the scape in the name. End results are otherworldly atmospheres, deep drones, ethereal ambiances, ...

  6. Cryptar — An acoustic guitar from the ... FREE! 32.4 MB

    Cryptar - 24 bit / 44,1 kHz - 96,3 MB (45 single wav files) - 11 nki files - acoustic guitar samples - 3X fake round robins - kind of a guitar/piano/stringy characterwith omnipresent sound defects - Eternal candle flames for endless nightshift recording ...

  7. Solo Acoustic Guitar — Expressive acoustic guitar ... £3.99, 39.2 MB

    Solo Acoustic Guitar This acoustic guitar instrument for kontakt (4.2 and above) has a rich, mellow tone. Designed mainly for single note playing, it is suitable for melody lines, instrumental fill passages, solos and riffs within song structures. Convincing results can be ...

  8. CTFX1 — Kontakt Morphing FX Library £15.99, 159.6 MB, free preview!

    CTFX1 Developed by a team of composers and sound designers Cinematic Tension FX is an experiment in sound design. The morphing function allows 2 sounds to be simultaneously played and blended together. So, for example, a vocal chant can be combined with a ...

  9. Guitar Elements — Creative and inventive guitar ... £1.99, 584.6 MB, free preview!

    Guitar Elements A large collection of unique and useful guitar patches. Including 40 unique kontakt patches and hundreds of samples. Inspired by jazz, funk, prog rock and more. I even found a way to get two of my favorite movies in there (Vertigo and Taxi Driver). Their ...

  10. Toy Instruments — 10 Acoustic Musical Toys for ... £19.99, 134.0 MB

    Toy Instruments Toy instruments contains ten Kontakt (4.2 and above) patches covering a variety of acoustic musical toys. Every note has been meticulously sampled to capture the natural charm of these fun little instruments, plus their original key ranges have been ...

  11. Guitar Bundle — 3 Kontakt Instruments - ... £5.49, 87.1 MB

    Guitar Bundle Guitar Bundle contains the following three instruments for the full version of Kontakt 4.2 and above. SOLO ACOUSTIC GUITAR: This instrument, with it's rich, mellow tone is designed mainly for single note playing. It is suitable for melody lines, ...

  12. THE PLANET — Semi-hollow guitar based ... £7.99, 121.9 MB, free preview!

    THE PLANET - 16 bit / 44,1 kHz - 148 MB (37 single wav files) - 99 patches (88 single nki, 11 multi) - semihollow el. guitar samples - from soft pads to harsh space engines - attack/release, filter, reverb, phaser, delay and other FX GUI controls - flickering ...

  13. GuitarScaped — ambient guitar soundscapes £8.57, 635.7 MB, free preview!

    GuitarScaped GuitarScaped formats: •Kontakt full version 5.4.1 and up required, Kontakt Player not supported-it will time out cause of limitation of player version), •SFZ (any software that can use sfz patches) and •WAV loops format (44,1 KHz/24 bit). Source for ...

  14. Mandolin — Mandolin for Kontakt £3.49, 23.2 MB

    Mandolin This mandolin for Kontakt 4.2 and above features three articulations. Staccato notes are assigned to the lower half of the keyboard with sustained notes on the upper. Playing the upper keys with a harder velocity triggers a trill that plays as long as ...

  15. Guitar Chords — License free £1.99, 2.3 MB, free preview!

    Guitar Chords Basic acoustic guitar chords. This sample pack contains all basic guitar chords in minor and major formations in flac quality. Suitable for all kinds of music. You will find 14 guitar chords (C-D-E-F-G-A-B).

  16. Electroacoustic Guitar Samples Vol. 2 — License Free £4.50, 71.3 MB, free preview!

    Electroacoustic Guitar Samples Vol. 2 This sample pack contains high quality guitar samples, suitable for electroacoustic and cinematic music. It is comprised of 50 wav (24-bit) samples and recorded with a 1967 Gibson SG electric guitar.

  17. Electroacoustic Guitar Samples Vol. 3 — License Free £4.50, 67.5 MB, free preview!

    Electroacoustic Guitar Samples Vol. 3 This sample pack contains high quality guitar samples, suitable for electroacoustic and cinematic music. It is comprised of 50 wav (24-bit) samples and recorded with a 1967 Gibson SG electric guitar.

  18. The Cello of Damascus — Cinematic Multisampled Bowed ... £7.99, 157.4 MB

    For the FULL Version of Kontakt (ONLY WORKS IN DEMO MODE IN KONTAKT PLAYER) Behold, the Cello of Damascus.... an ethereal instrument like no other, and my most ambitious (and largest) Sampleism release to date. Actually it's a ...

  19. Nylon Acoustic Guitar — Compact Kontakt Instrument £13.99, 5.8 MB, free preview!

    Nylon Acoustic Guitar Very nice Nylon Acoustic Guitar. Small size and full length multilayer sampling without any loops. Glissando on high velocity. Freet noises. Beautiful natural sound! Kontakt 4.2.3 or higher.

  20. Bundle 1 for Caustic 3 — Julie Resynth, Acoustic ... £3.75, 121.3 MB, free preview!

    Works with all versions of Caustic 3: Android, iOS, BlackBerry PlayBook and the free Windows version. It includes 4 packs: - Julie Resynth: A fun cyborg vocal sample set, half human and half robot! This pack is based on one-shot samples of the voice of ...

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